There is an old occult maxim which declares that—" Nothing is concealed from him who knows." No Mason is bound to conceal that which he has never learned in the Lodge. All else he receives as he learns any thing, places his own estimate upon its value, and becomes individually responsible for its use. It must be a matter of conscience, and be weighed in the balance of duty, and every one must abide by the result. If Masonry has lost the Royal Secret, or if it never possessed it, or if it was wrenched away in the very name of Religion little more than a century ago, all the same, it belongs to the Craft as the Heir-apparent of the Old Wisdom. But the time has come when no cable-tow can bind it. It now belongs to Humanity equally with the Mason. To this end has it been preserved throughout the centuries.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Freemasonry - Why the Wrong Individuals Seek Entrance

A couple years ago I was listening to a Masonic podcast when the guest made a statement I thought preposterous at the time, in essence he believed Freemasonry was not attracting the right individuals, as it did in the past.
Now before you get your hackles up, at the time I thought our brother was wrong (and out of place), how arrogant!
Well that was a couple of years ago, and guess what, I get it.

Allow me to make my case...

As I see it (and many may not), Freemasonry is a philosophical tradition, which only reveals itself to those that are willing to spend the time unlocking its veiled symbolism (a task few will do).
I would love to share tales of knights and wandering masons, but the fact is (as I see it) modern Freemasonry arrives at the party in the mid to late sixteen hundreds when a philosopher named Descartes rocks the world, Cartesian philosophy is born.
It's important you grasp this, Cartesians view the mind (the stuff in your head) as being wholly separate from the corporeal body. Sensation and the perception of reality are thought to be the source of untruth and illusions, with the only reliable truths to be had in the existence of a metaphysical mind. 
Such a mind can perhaps interact with a physical body, but it does not exist in the body, nor even in the same physical plane as the body. In general, Cartesian thought divides the world into three areas of existence: that inhabited by the physical body (matter), that inhabited by the mind, and that inhabited by God (see the triad).
Why is Cartesian philosophy, something rarely discussed in your local Masonic Temple important?
When you begin to unlock the veiled symbolism of Freemasonry you begin to see a philosophy that may be a reaction to a mode of thought (your mind is separate than your body, and the world is outside your head) that still to this day defines the way many see reality.

Many reading this blog have never heard the name Descartes, or even heard of Cartesian philosophy, but this wasn't always the case when it comes to Freemasonry. During the inception of modern Freemasonry (late 1700's) this was a hotly debated issue, so hot that if you went too far out on a limb repercussions could come from all fronts, church, state, and universities.
Now to the crux of what this blog was meant to address, most (if not all) of the founders of modern Freemasonry were men of science, philosophy, and theology, many being giants of their time. Today we have become Joe the plumber.
I now get it.

(I apologize, I'm not picking on plumbers, after all I just cut hair!)


  1. This is a well thought out article, Brother, and it is imperative that we Lodges begin having this converstion in earnest. If my own recent experience is any indicator, we have unintentionally sabotaged our Masonic labors by admitting every Tom, Dick and Harry who applies. Men who are admitted who don't take our principles seriously almost inevitably become distractions at best, and outright nefarious influences at worst. We need to take GOOD men and make them better, not all comers.

    1. I so agree brother, it's sadly become about the numbers and not the indiviuals. I do hope we can reverse the direction many unknowingly have sent our Order into (the Rotary).
      Thank You for reading my blog and responding.