There is an old occult maxim which declares that—" Nothing is concealed from him who knows." No Mason is bound to conceal that which he has never learned in the Lodge. All else he receives as he learns any thing, places his own estimate upon its value, and becomes individually responsible for its use. It must be a matter of conscience, and be weighed in the balance of duty, and every one must abide by the result. If Masonry has lost the Royal Secret, or if it never possessed it, or if it was wrenched away in the very name of Religion little more than a century ago, all the same, it belongs to the Craft as the Heir-apparent of the Old Wisdom. But the time has come when no cable-tow can bind it. It now belongs to Humanity equally with the Mason. To this end has it been preserved throughout the centuries.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Found It In The Hardware Store - My Zen Mind My Beginner’s Mind

I can’t believe I found it, and in of all places a hardware store!
Not in a Temple, not in a church, not in any sort of edifice you would think you would find it.
You can only imagine my surprise, after over twenty five years of studying the words, texts, of all those that found it in caves, deserts, monasteries, and even jungles I find it in the hardware store.
There it was located in aisle two, the third shelf from the bottom, there it was, my “original nature”.
The face before my birth was just sitting there empty not filled up with the judgments, beliefs, and erroneous information that would fill it up.
I now realized, looking at it, that all the searching, studying, and seeking only became part of the problem and the reason I never found it while sitting, meditating, and praying.
I now understood what the Taoist Chung Tzu meant when he said “The perfect man employs his mind as a mirror. It grasps nothing, it refuses nothing. It receives but does not keep.”
And to think I found it in the hardware store, my original nature, me before I was filled, a brand spanking new sponge!

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